Welcome to Year 8

Year 8 pupils are encouraged to build on the strong foundations they developed in year 7 by a dedicated team of form tutors. With the new pastoral curriculum pupils focus on their friendship groups and are challenged to think about the role they can play in creating a positive environment for them and others. They will analyse their motivations and those of others to critically assess their place in the school environment. This process is carried out through the key themes of: ‘Making and keeping positive relationships’ and ‘Internet safety’.
Careers is now mandatory at year 8 and through the guidance of Mrs Paul this is delivered by form tutors as they introduce pupils to the ‘U-Explore’ package. These sessions will provide an introduction to the potential careers and pathways that pupils might explore. In consecutive years pupils will be issued with individual passwords to register on their own account and will be able to build up a profile which will support them in helping to make important decisions about their future options and careers choices.
This is an important year for our pupils as they transition from settling in to making option choices. During this year they will establish the routines and friendships which will form the basis for their young adult life. The overarching aim is Broadening Horizons, we strive to provide them with the support, information and skills they will need to enjoys successful, fulfilling lives and careers and in some small way give them a desire to make the world in which they live a better place.

Mr D Halliwell - Director of Learning

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