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Year 9 brings together all of the skills and learning pupils have developed in year 7 and 8 to prepare for and begin their GCSE studies. From September, pupils will study the KS4 syllabi in English, Maths and Science and, after receiving their option choices, will start KS4 work in the majority of other option subjects from May onwards.


The Year 9 Pastoral Curriculum is centered on issues our pupils have to deal with as they mature and become more independent. In the first term pupils discuss and debate the issues around social media and the problem of cyber bullying. Forms work collaboratively to raise awareness of the issues facing young people and also the legal ramifications of their actions.

In term 2 the focus switches to the options process. Led by Mrs Paul and Mrs Morris, the students will receive their options booklets and the pathway they have been recommended for. They will then have many opportunities to discuss their thoughts and questions during: an options roadshow led by Y10 students representing each department, college talks by our partner colleges, ‘making choices’ workshops during English lessons, use of the U-Explore program in form time and talks from every subject during curriculum time. Parents and pupils will also have the opportunity to discuss the pathways, choices and future plans during a 15 minute meeting with a senior member of staff at Guidance evening. This will be followed by a parents evening where discussions can be had with subject teachers about the course and the pupil’s progress during the year. Pupil’s final option choice will then be selected and finalised before February half term.


In term 3 the pastoral curriculum focuses on the impacts of drugs and alcohol on young people, the pressures put on them and the impact on families. The curriculum will culminate in preparing for Y9 exams with guidance for successful revision to help prepare for end of year exams in June.

During the year there will be many opportunities to develop ‘the person’ as well as academically. The highly successful ROAR programme continues with all pupils encouraged to participate, there is a thriving IMPACT and chaplaincy group, opportunities for both girls and boys sporting teams and training as well as applying to become Y10 mentors for our young pupils starting next year. There are opportunities for forms to work together and raise money for our charities including running our annual Christmas Old Folks party for the pensioners from our local parishes and the Brick homeless charity.

The pupils are guided through the year by a dedicated and experienced pastoral team. Form tutors lead the way and offer invaluable spiritual and personal development in an extremely important transition to KS4. We aim to nurture an atmosphere of respect, where pupils can flourish to become young adults who care about their own future and that of the people in their community. We want our pupils to be ambitious and excited for their future, with a passion to become a better person and a will to make a difference as they move to year 10 and beyond.


Acting Senior Learning Coordinator - Mr D Morgan

Senior Learning Coordinator - Mrs R Outterside 

Assistant Learning Coordinator - Mrs K McClellend 


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