At St. Edmund Arrowsmith Catholic High School, our aim is to provide and broad and balanced curriculum, which ensures continuity and progression, and which meets the need of all learners. We aim to provide challenge, develop motivation and ignite ambition, administered in a learning environment which is safe, supportive and caring. We believe that each child is uniquely talented and aim to deliver appropriate and targeted provision so that all reach their potential and acquire a love of life-long learning.

We offer a well-planned and sequenced curriculum, delivered through excellent teaching, which promotes breadth and depth of learning, promoting new knowledge and skills. We offer a traditional, academic core, alongside complementary creative, practical and vocational subjects; coverage, content and structure are implemented effectively through careful planning and logical ordering.

A fully developed pastoral curriculum and CIAG programme, reflecting the local context, prepares our pupils for the complexities of adult life in rapidly changing and diverse societies.

We aim to equip our pupils with the skills necessary for 21st living; new ways of thinking involving creativity, critical analysis, problem-solving and decision-making; new ways of working including communication and collaboration; and the capacity to recognise and exploit the potential of new technologies.

Any questions regarding the Curriculum can be directed to the Deputy Headteacher, Mrs G Morris.


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