Catering Academy


“To deliver inspired service by passionate people – creating lasting partnerships” that is ‘personally delivering excellence’.

  • Passionate about fresh food and great service.
  • Team Academy’s strength comes from every individual taking personal responsibility.
  • Collectively recognising and celebrating success.
  • Delivering consistent improvements with a ‘can do’ attitude.
  • Open and honest communication at all levels.

Opening Times

Breakfast Club  8.00am-8.30am.        
Mid Morning    Break  10.55am-11.10am      
Lunch Service


Vending Service  Available throughout the school day and for after school      clubs.


Cashless Catering

Our Cashless Catering System enables parents to pay in advance for their children’s school meals. They can do this either by cheque, online using WisePay or by providing cash to be loaded into the revaluation unit in the main dining room. Pupils are biometrically registered for this system. Staff are able to utilise the facility in the same way. 

Catering Academy

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