Our Student Council members consist of the following:-

Year 7:  Henry Turner, Leah Clegg

Year 8Bobby Gibson, Esther McGinty

Year 9Evie Cutter, Jack Stafford

Year 10Poppy O'Donoghue, William Smith and Dylan Sharpe

Year 11Hannah Whitlow, Benjamin Paul, Erin Forshaw, Tom Humphreys, Shaun Urmston and Alexis Aaron


What the Student Council has done so far ...

It has so far been a successful start of the year for the School Council. After meeting on several occasions with our year council teams and then our whole school council team, we discussed various fundraising projects, many of which we carried out in the past weeks. These fundraising events are being used to raise money in order to invest in improving the student experience around the school. Our new roles within the council have received a positive reception and have lead to many of the fundraising ideas being made possible.

We are proud to announce our new roles are the following:

Our Chairpeople are William Smith, Hannah Whitlow, and Benjamin Paul.

Our Council Secretaries are Alexis Aaron and Grace Dearden.

Our Treasurers are Erin Forshaw, and our script writers

PowerPoint designers are Shaun Urmston, Jack Stafford, and Evie Cutter.

In just three weeks we have organised and delivered four different successful events in order to benefit the students experience in school. Our first event was our crossbar challenge organised with Mr Hind, Mrs Paul, Thomas Humphreys , Benjamin Paul, and Shaun Urmston. The event was organised in trend with the current World Cup and was extremely popular amongst all students, all of them with the desire to win the prize of a World Cup football.

Shortly after, suiting the same theme, the same group of staff and students organised the viewing of England’s first World Cup match vs Iran, where over 200 pupils attended. Tickets sold out for this event in a matter of minutes! Dylan Sharpe and Maria, our Chaplain, then organised a cookie sale that was also popular amongst all of our students and sold over 180 cookies in just one day.  

Our final event is our ongoing Christmas radio in the main canteen that in only a week has been a success. It has attracted all students and has shown just how connected our school community truly is. Organised by all school council member and overseen by William Smith, the ongoing reception of this event is one that I believe can become an annual tradition for the school.

We thank everyone who has taken part and hope that this success can continue for the rest of the year, and hopefully years to come, so we can continue to raise money for our students at school.

Shaun Urmston

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