I am delighted to introduce our new Senior Prefect Team for 2022-2023  

HEAD BOY - Benjamin Paul 

My name is Benjamin Paul and I have recently been given the privilege of Head Boy at St Edmund Arrowsmith Catholic High School. This has been my proudest moment since I joined the school nearly four years ago. I was the only one from my primary school to start in Year 7 and am so grateful at the way I have been made to feel warmly welcomed by both pupils and staff. It is the strength and support of our school community that continues to guide me every step of the way and realise my potential.

In my new role as Head Boy, I would like to repay our school for everything it has done for me by being a great representative to others over the next twelve months. My role as Head Boy supports our catholic ethos, where we are called to serve, which requires me to listen to other pupils across our community and actively support and encourage them with any problems, worries or questions they may have. I will certainly ensure that I do this.  



HEAD GIRL - Hannah Whitlow 

I’m Hannah Whitlow and I’m extremely proud to be the Head Girl of St Edmund Arrowsmith. Over my time here, words can’t describe the incredible people I’ve met and experiences I’ve had, as well as the unwavering faith the community has had in me as I continue to develop and grow. As Head Girl, I can’t wait to strengthen our school community even further, support individuals even more and do myself and everyone who has believed in me proud. I will continue to uphold the ethos and Catholic mission of St Edmund Arrowsmith by being an approachable and empathetic figure, present in all aspects of school, and am excited to work alongside our amazing team. Despite the ups and downs, I can honestly say I wouldn’t be the person I am without the support I’ve received here. Because of this, I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be the best person I can be and hope to move others to strive for this themselves. I’m looking forward to leading the senior prefect team as, when people believe in us, we discover that we are capable of amazing things.


DEPUTY HEAD BOY - Thomas Humphreys

I’m Thomas Humphreys and I am extremely excited and honoured to be chosen in my final year at St. Edmund Arrowsmith to hold the prestigious role of Deputy Head Boy. My time at this school has been enjoyable and achievement-filled, from walking through the front doors in my Haydock English Martyrs Primary School uniform during the year 6 induction days until today, I think it is safe to say that everybody around the school, teachers and students, have made it an amazing experience. 

This school has developed me as an individual and taught me valuable skills and life lessons, I will carry these with me as I look to contribute to helping further enrich the school environment over the next 12 months. It has always been a dream of mine to be a role-model for a community like the one at this school, I am very thankful for this opportunity that I intend to use well.



DEPUTY HEAD GIRL - Grace Deardon 

I am Grace Deardon and I have the pleasure of calling myself Deputy Head Girl of St Edmund Arrowsmith for the upcoming academic year.  Throughout school I have always strived to push myself in everything I do and achieve my goals, both of which I will carry into Year 11 and later on in life.  As a person, I believe that I am very approachable, friendly, understanding and a role model towards others which I think is a vital part of my role here at St Edmund Arrowsmith, not only to learn but to inspire others to achieve their best potential. I thorough believe that Our school has made me into the person I am today and I will forever be grateful for all of the staff and pupils in helping me in this ongoing journey.  As Deputy Head Gril I feel it is important to support and assist other pupils, to follow our Catholic faith and listen to ideas to help make our school community a safer and more enjoyable place for everyone to learn and achieve their goals.  I am extremely excited to work alongside the Head Boy and Head Girl and the Senior Prefect Team, as I believe that together as a team, we will make our school community a better place for everyone.


DEPUTY HEAD BOY - Shaun Urmston

When asked why I wanted to become Deputy Head Boy, I have always given the same answer, “I want to make school more enjoyable for others” and now more than ever, I have the chance to do just that.  I am overwhelmed with gratitude towards the teachers and my peers who have supported me through this journey. No matter what has faced us during the last four years, we have worked together as a team to support each other and get through these difficult times. I wish to continue working with pupils, teachers, and the senior prefect team as well as the other head boys and girls to help resolve any issues that face us in the coming year so that together, we can make St Edmund Arrowsmith more enjoyable for everyone.  It has been a pleasure working with and alongside the pupils and staff of this school throughout the years and it’s astonishing to think that this is our final year. We were all brought together through our faith, and now we will all leave as friends.



DEPUTY HEAD GIRL - Alexis Aaron 

I am Alexis Aaron, I recently got the role of Deputy Head Girl, a title I am extremely proud and grateful to have. St Edmund Arrowsmith is a school that prides itself on community and education and I am filled with excitement to have the opportunity to enhance our school environment to its best, along with my fellow Heads and Deputies, as well as our trusted senior prefect team.

We have had many complications over the past couple of years due to covid, however it has made me realise how much our school community is able to come together and help each other in difficult times.

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