There has been a real 'buzz' around the staff and pupils this week as we have had a special visitor delivering our assemblies. I have been delighted to welcome back to the school one of the most well thought of and respected pupils ever to attend our school, Joe Collins. Jo gave up his time to come into school and tell us his own inspirational story in order to help any of our pupils who need a little boost to their mental health. Joe wrote a book about his own struggles with mental health and how he overcame them with his own self-improvement journey.

I was lucky enough to read his book (pictured here), which I found truly inspirational in the summer holidays and made arrangements with Joe to come in this week to share his experience with the pupils. Joe left the school 10 years ago and was a fantastic pupil, his picture is still up on the main corridor when he helped to design a new toilet block - it's safe to say he's grown quite a lot!!

Joe made a real impact when he was a pupil here and it is wonderful to see that he is dedicating himself to making a difference in other people's lives, whether this is in his work as a personal trainer or in sharing his personal journey, as he has in our school this week. Many of Joe's teachers are still here and have been delighted to see him and been very moved when hearing his story.

We are incredibly proud of Joe and it has been a privilege to have him back in school, we all wish him every success in the future.   #neverleaveeddies

To purchase a copy of Joe's book, visit his website here