In year 10 you will builds on the skills and techniques explored throughout KS3, such as ceramics, drawing, blending and gradation, mixed media, construction, digital art and contextual analysis.The overall theme for Year 10 is ‘Nature Versus Anti-Nature’ which is comprised of 3 topics, a marine life ceramic piece, a natural form Oil Pastel Piece and a final topic that is more student led, which differs from year to year. 





By Year 11 you will be given more freedom to explore themes and ideas important to you and to choose which mediums and techniques to work in, playing to your own individual strengths and preferences. By this time you will hopefully have developed skills to work independently. The year 11 syllabus is made up of two parts; the first is the ‘Church Topic’ which uses religion and faith as a starting point but can be developed to encompass many different themes and ideas personal to you. The second part is the Art Exam which is similar to the Church Topic but the theme and body of work are created in response to a question chosen from a selection provided by the examining body, AQA. You will research themes and ideas in response to this question and create a body of work comprised of research, development and experimentation which culminates in a final piece as a response. The final piece is created within a 10 hour exam spread over a period of lessons.