Year 8 - Broadening Horizons

Focus: To consider a range of inspiring careers with the purpose of awakening and raising aspirations about the future, specifically in relation to considering their options next year.


Brief outline of activities: Students will explore the different pathways after they leave school. They will appreciate the notion of an average salary and that some jobs will pay more, because of the learning, studying or skills development involved. This is a classroom based workshop which helps pupils consider forthcoming opportunities in relation to being ‘options ready’. Local employers will facilitate the lesson and share the pathway they took after they left school leading in to employment.


Learning Objectives:

  1. To gain a greater awareness of the pathways available after they leave school
  2. To learn about the national average wage and how this compares to the average wage in Wigan
  3. To explore the different jobs that exist within our own school and the annual wage.
  4. To have a meaningful encounter with a local employer.