At KS3 and KS4 you will essentially be assessed in the same way.

We look at your ability to:


  • Analyse a problem
  • Design solutions
  • Create the solution
  • Evaluate the solution


We aim to encourage students to think "outside the box" and to take work in unexpected directions, the more unexpected the better! As students develop their understanding of hardware and software, we often see more creative solutions that utilise a wide range of these elements.

At KS3, progress towards this is measured using the St Edmund Arrowsmith (SEA) Levels system with students receiving a mark for each part of the solution. This is coupled with one to one feedback in both verbal and written form to ensure the student knows what they need to do to be successful.

At KS4, students receive feedback throughout their course to help them refine and improve systems / software they develop. This prepares them for their controlled assessment and final exams in Year 11.

The GCSE course is made up of three main elements.


Content Overview    
Computer Systems 1 hour 30 minutes written paper. 40% of total GCSE
Computational thinking, programming and algorithms 1 hour 30 minutes written paper. 40% of total GCSE
Programming Project 20 hours non exam assessment 20% of total GCSE