KS3 comprises a number of different elements. All projects utilise the same pattern of work, students will:


  • Analyse a problem
  • Design possible solutions
  • Create a solution
  • Evaluate that solution


Homework is set where appropriate and will usually comprise of research or spending time refining their planning and /or solutions.


Year 7

You will develop Office 365 and OneNote skills to improve your productivity across the school.

You will undertake a "Games development" project. This work seeks to establish computational thinking skills as well learning how to use Scratch.

You will consider E-Safety issues and how to prevent many of the issues that arise in modern society. This will develop your skills when handling digital artefacts.

You will learn about how data is represented within computer systems. You will develop a combination of computing maths and graphic design skills.

You will develop your research and planning skills through a "Digital Signage" project. This will also test your Office skills and ability to target specific audiences.

You will be introduced to some simple programming using a text based programming language. This be an opportunity to show a range of computing skills, namely:


  • Decomposition
  • Pattern recognition
  • Abstraction
  • Algorithm design


Year 8

You will develop a wider understanding of E-Safety issues regarding system safety and the reliability of information found on the Internet.

You will investigate how the "web" works. This also includes the development of web programming skills.

You will develop spreadsheet skills that are useful in the wider world of work. This will include modelling scenarios and producing material in a professional context.

You will develop an understanding of the internal components of a computer system. This will include video editing skills.

You will enhance your programming skills by developing enhanced systems using programming languages.


Year 9

Year 9 consists of three extended projects. It is expected that you  will have thoroughly investigated, planned and created professional standard solutions during this work. Homework throughout year 9 will usually consist of students working on these solutions in their own time.

You will refine your computing skills to set solve problems for real world scenarios.

You will develop more advanced programming skills by creating industry standard games solutions using professional development software.

You will showcase your presentation skills and appreciation of different audience need through a digital advertising solution.