Geography is about the World TODAY. At St Edmund Arrowsmith the curriculum focuses on places, people and the relationship between the HUMAN and NATURAL environments. The subject of Geography highlights ISSUES that are happening in the world RIGHT NOW. In one lesson we may study slums in Mumbai, India; we may then design sustainable cities for rapidly growing China followed by a study of disaster-prone cities in California. Rainforests, deserts and cold climates are investigated in detail, studying WHERE they are, WHY they are there, WHAT they are like and HOW people both destroy and protect these environments.

The range of skills developed in the subject provides an excellent background for a variety of careers, as well as a firm foundation for further study at college or university. The ENQUIRY process, investigating ‘big questions’ through research, analysis and evaluation of opinions and attitudes, allows for ‘deeper’ learning and understanding. Geography students develop decision-making skills that they find invaluable for the rest of their lives.

Geography is consistently the most popular GCSE options subject at St Edmund Arrowsmith. The subject is widely viewed as one of the most useful GCSE subjects, as it provides skills which colleges, universities and employers look for in applicants. The subject has been identified as one of the ‘essential 5’ subjects included in the English Baccalaureate qualification. It has also been identified by colleges and universities as one of the eight ‘facilitating subjects’ recommended for ‘A’ Level study.

The employment rate for geography graduates is extremely high. The subject links directly to jobs in geology, seismology and engineering, volcanology, meteorology, marine biology, zoology and planning/ architecture. The travel industry and NGO/charity work are also popular destinations for graduates. The variety of high level skills used in geography courses mean that many geographers accept jobs in journalism, transport and logistics and often management.