GCSE Geography

You will study the new AQA GCSE Geography course, covering three key units:

Unit 1: ‘Living with the physical environment’ (Natural hazards, UK landscapes, the living world)

Written exam. 1 hour and 30 minutes. 35% of GCSE.

Unit 2: ‘Challenges in the human environment’ (Cities, Economic world, Global resources)

Written exam. 1 hour and 30 minutes. 35% of GCSE.

Unit 3: ‘Geographical applications’ (Fieldwork, Issue evaluation, Skills)

Written exam with pre-release materials. 1 hour and 15 minutes. 30% of GCSE.

The study of these issues will focus on different examples or case-studies, drawn from local, national, continental and worldwide scale investigations.

Lessons involve a variety of tasks designed to allow you to understand the content in each unit, including note taking, summarising, interpretation, developing case-studies during the study of places, group tasks, presentations and debates.

There is also a focus on exam technique and you will receive example answers, mark schemes and practice questions for every style of question on your three exam papers making you as well prepared as possible to tackle the exams. 

You will have the use of a textbook in lessons, online content and e-textbooks, specific powerpoint presentations for each unit as well as a selection of revision guides to use in preparation for your GCSE exams.


BTEC Travel and Tourism

Do you enjoy learning about worldwide travel destinations?  

Would you like to find out about changing holiday trends? 

Have you ever thought about a career in the travel/tourism industry? 

If so, BTEC Travel and Tourism could be the start of your journey! 

Unit 1: The UK Travel and Tourism Sector- Main types of tourism in the UK, the contribution that travel and tourism makes to the economy and the different industries that make up the UK travel and tourism sector. 

Unit 2: UK Travel and Tourism Destinations- The different types of UK destinations and what they have to offer, as well as locating tourist UK destinations and routes. 


Choose two out of the following four: 

Unit 3: The Development of Travel and Tourism in the UK- developments that have shaped the sector and how it has developed as lifestyles, interests and technology have changed. 

Unit 4: International Travel and Tourism Destinations- International destinations and reasons for their appeal to different visitors. 

Unit 5: Factors Affecting Worldwide Travel and Tourism- the influential factors on tourism and why events such as natural disasters can have a significant impact on the sector. 

Unit 6: The Travel and Tourism Customer Experience- needs and expectations of different types of customer in the travel and tourism sector and how organisations address these. 

Level 2 qualification: Level 2 Pass, Merit, Distinction. 

25% is externally assessed through a one hour exam. 

75% is internally assessed through ongoing controlled project work. 

  • Gain knowledge and understanding and develop skills in the travel and tourism sector. 
  • Support progression to a more specialised level 3 qualification. 
  • Job opportunities in the tourism sector such as hotel managers, event organisers, travel-reps, air cabin crew, airport staff, travel agents and many more! 
  • Project/self-management and independent learning skills. 
  • Communication skills. 
  • Business awareness and customer service skills.