The Learning Support department has its ethos routed firmly in a quote, vaguely attributed to Albert Einstein (though it is disputed) that states: “Everyone is a genius, but if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its while life believing it is stupid.” We understand that not everyone can work methodically through trigonometry, or pick out the adverbial from a sequence of words, but with a little extra support and guidance, even these alien concepts can be mastered.

The department is made up of the Head of Learning Support (SENCo), Assistant Head of Learning Support and specialist support teacher, an Inclusion Manager, Higher Level Teaching Assistant, 2 intervention managers (1 for behaviour and 1 for learning) and in class Teaching assistants, to offer support where it is needed. Students would be referred into Learning Support by Year Leads, senior members of staff or classroom teachers that have concerns about the students learning in the classroom. We would initially complete an ‘assessment of needs’ to help identify specific areas in which your child may require support. The referrer and parents/carers are informed of the outcome of the assessment and you will be signposted to one of the specific interventions listed in the other sections. All provision is child-centred and focuses on the specific needs of the student. The duration of each provision is also dependent on their needs.