In Year 9 you are all taught maths at the same time and there are 10 sets across the year group. You will be placed in sets according to your performance in Year 8 and a combination of class, exam and teacher assessments.

At the beginning of Year 9 you will follow a ‘Transition Course’ that focuses on the key skills you will need to be able to fully access the GCSE programme of study. This course will help you to revisit skills developed in Year 7 and Year 8 and gain the confidence needed before starting GCSE.

After completion of the transition course you will begin the GCSE programme of study. You will follow the Edexcel Linear 1MA1 specification which with 3 final examinations at the end of Year 11. You will be able to gain grades 1-5 on the foundation tier course and grades 4 – 9 on the higher tier course.

We use the Oxford University Press GCSE text books and a wide range of department developed resources to support teaching and learning. You will need to be fully equipped for all lessons, with a pen, pencil, ruler and scientific calculator.

In Year 9 you will receive 7 hour-long lessons of Maths per fortnight.

In Year 10 you will be set according to your option pathway choice, with blue and green pathway pupils in one band and purple, yellow and orange pupils in another.

If you are in M band (blue and green option pathways) you will continue to receive 7 hour-long lessons per fortnight but if you are in E band (purple, yellow and orange pathways) you will receive 9.5 hour-long lessons per fortnight.

You will continue to follow the new GCSE specification which has a key theme of problem solving at its core. You will follow either the higher tier or foundation tier course.

Both tiers cover topics based on the following attainment target areas:

  • Number
  • Algebra
  • Ratio and Proportion
  • Geometry and Measure
  • Statistics and Probability
GCSE Statistics

In Year 10, if you are in sets 1-4 you will have the option of studying GCSE statistics as one of your option subjects.

Statistics involves studying data topics in much more depth. There will be some overlap with Maths topics, which will help you to improve your mathematical skills.

We follow the Edexcel Exam Board and you will have 5 lessons of statistics over a fortnight. You will be assessed at the end of Year 11, this will consist of two exams.


If you are in Year 11 then you are able to visit our Maths Clinic every lunchtime to get help with homework, classwork or practice exam paper questions. Revision classes are often held over lunchtime or after school and it is important that you attend as many as possible throughout Year 11.