If you opt for Music you will follow the Eduqas Music GCSE syllabus.

This is a great opportunity to improve your musical skills and knowledge developed previously through KS3. If you select this GCSE option you must be prepared to work hard and engage in musical activity, both inside and outside the classroom. GCSE Music is separated into 3 different areas:

  1. Performance: You will develop your performance skills through performing with technical control, expression and interpretation. To complete this unit successfully, you must either perform competently on a musical instrument of your choice or sing (in both cases as a soloist and within an ensemble).
  2. Composition: You will develop your composition skills through composing and developing musical ideas with technical control and coherence. To complete this unit successfully you will produce two compositions. The first composition you will individually compose in a style of your choice and the second composition will be prepared in response to a given brief set by the exam board.
  3. Listening and appraising: You will develop your aural skills allowing you to demonstrate and apply musical knowledge and make evaluative and critical judgments about music. The four areas of study are: musical forms and devices, music for ensemble, film music and popular music.

Homework at KS4

As a music student it is the expectation that you will continually practice for different performance assessments that take place throughout Y10 & Y11. At times during the year, specific homework will be set to help compositions reach their full potential. You will be required to return to the music department to use the music software in your own time at lunch and/or after school. You will also be expected to take responsibility for your own learning through preparing revision notes and listening to a range of musical styles.



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