Key stage 3

You will take part in at least seven activities throughout the year. You will be assessed on how well you can apply the skills of that activity to competitive situations. You will receive a score/level for each activity you do, with your best three scores counting towards your overall PE attainment level. You will also be given a ‘BfL’ level in each activity in which we look at how you conduct yourself in your PE lessons e.g. attitude, organisation of kit, working with others etc.

Key stage 4

During you ‘Core’ PE lessons, you will not be assessed on your performance of the activity you have chosen to take part in. You will however receive a ‘BfL’ score, the same as in key stage three, assessing your attitude towards your PE lessons.

  • OCR GCSE in Physical Education

Theory Component One 30% – Physical Factors Affecting Performance. (1 hour paper)

Theory Component Two 30% – Socio-Cultural Issues and Sport Psychology. (1 hour paper)

Practical Component 40% – 3 activities (2 team and 1 individual or 1 team and 2 individual) each individually marked out 20.  With a written assignment based on analysing a sporting performance, and offering ways in which it could be improved.

  • OCR Cambridge National in Sports Studies

Four units of assessment, all worth 25% of overall mark/ grade. Three units assessed internally with a mixture of written and practical assessment tasks. One unit externally assessed (1hr written exam done at the end of Year 10).

  • AQA GCSE in Dance

60% Practical Unit(s) Assessment of Performance and Choreography. 40% Theory Unit(s) Assessment, written theory exam at the end of Year 11 consisting of critical appreciation of own work and set studies from current practitioners.