"I have a key interest in sport, and the PE department lets me develop my skills in a wide variety of sports. The PE department always has a fun and relaxed atmosphere, and you always feel welcome there, whether it be in lesson or afterschool. This is why I have chosen to take PE as one of my GCSE options."

Abbey - Year 9

"Since starting at St Edmund Arrowsmith in 2006, I was a regular in the PE department, which is where I spent most of my time. I was a regular on the team sheet for my year’s rugby team, and took part in every sport available to me. This, combined with my passion for rugby, allowed me to excel in sport. I took GCSE PE and this really helped with the foundations with my future career as a professional rugby player. I loved taking part in sport in high school, and would recommend if you have an interest in sport, to get involved at any level you can."

Joe Burgess (Ex pupil and Wigan Warriors RFL Player)