"We enjoy doing RE at GCSE because it allows everyone to express their own opinion on topics that may relate to them in later life. Working in groups and as part of class discussions gives people this opportunity. Learning about our faith is interesting as we also learn about other people’s views of it. At GCSE the topics you encounter require more maturity than lower in the school, as you have to respect other people thoughts. This is one of the reasons we enjoy RE. Another reason is the way that we are taught. We use current media and affairs in lessons, which makes it more entertaining because we see the topics we learn in real life situations."

Abbey Hogg-Year 11

"RE is a key part of our school curriculum. It is a lesson that teaches us about morals and religion. It is so important to learn about these things in life, and the fact that we are through these messages and into a path of open-mindedness in our teens makes me so grateful to SEA. I grow as a person in my RE lessons. The curriculum has hit personal points at times but I have found that the teachers in this department to be some of the most sympathetic and kind staff in the whole school."

Sam - Year 10