During Key Stage 3 you will develop knowledge and understanding through study, discussion and reflection. We follow the Liverpool Archdiocesan programme “People of God”.

For each unit you will follow a threefold process:

1. Research introduces you to the area of work being studied and allows you to ask questions about meaning and challenges you to reflect on your own experience.

2. Revelation leads you to the heart of the area being studied, you will deepen your knowledge of the topic, make links to our everyday lives, study relevant scripture or learn about Christians who can be an inspiration to us.

3. Response helps you to reflect on how your new learning might help you to make decisions in life and be faithful to Gospel values.


Year 7


Year 7 Content
1a Community & Who is God?
  • What it means to be a pupil at a Catholic school
  • The mission statement and how it is lived
  • The nature of Truth and different kinds of truth
  • Characteristics of God found in scripture
  • God as revealed in the Trinity
  • God the creator and our response to His creation
  • What is my relationship with God?
1b Who is Jesus?
  • The historical figure of Jesus
  • Titles of Jesus and what they reveal
  • Jesus’ miracles and what they tell us about who Jesus was
  • Personal reflection – what is my relationship with Jesus?
  • The incarnation and Christmas story
2a Parables of Jesus
  • The importance of the Kingdom of God
  • Parables of Jesus
  • How we can use parable stories to be better people and influence others – Personal reflection
2b Sacraments
  • The importance of signs and symbols
  • Sacraments of the Church
  • The importance of Sacraments in our lives
  • Personal reflection – what do the Sacraments mean to me?
3a Hinduism
  • Signs of identity – family life, clothing language
  • Worship – puja at home, shrines, worship one God in many forms, Mandir
  • Four pursuits – Karma, Artha, Dharma, Moshka
  • Sewa – selfless service and the influence of Ghandi
3b CAFOD and Catholic social teaching
  • What is fair and just?
  • Principles of Catholic Social Teaching
  • Catholic worker movement, LiveSimply, Missionaries of Charity
  • Personal reflection – how can I live simply?


Year 8


Year 8


1a Vocation

  • What are my gifts and talents?
  • The parable of the talents
  • How can I make the world a better place?
  • Vocation – religious
  • Vocation through monastic life
  • Personal reflection – what is my vocation?

1b Inspirational Christians

  • What kind of world would we want to live in? Links to the Kingdom of God
  • Relevant parables e.g. The mustard seed
  • Examples of inspirations Christians
  • Personal reflection – how can I be an inspiration to others?

2a Christian Denominations

  • History of Christianity in our country
  • What do Christians have in common?
  • How are sacraments practiced in different denominations?

2b Lent and Holy week

  • The purpose of the season of lent
  • Significance of Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday
  • Holy week and relevant scripture
  • Masses and services of Holy week
  • Personal reflection – the importance of the Resurrection of Jesus

3a Judaism

  • Jewish identity and practice in Britain today
  • Shabbat at home and synagogue
  • Signs of belonging – bar/bat mitzvah
  • Passover and other significant festivals

3b Saints

  • Pentecost and the birthday of the Church
  • The influence of the Holy spirit – gifts and fruits
  • How a person becomes a Saint
  • The story of individual Saints
  • Personal reflection – How can Saints influence my life?


Year 9


Year 9


1a Messiah

  • What makes a good leader?
  • Modern examples of leaders and their qualities
  • Old Testament prophecies about Messiah
  • Religious and political groups at the time of Jesus and their expectations of the Messiah
  • How Jesus met or challenged these expectations
  • How Jesus would respond to modern challenges posed to society today – Personal reflection

1b Believing in God

  • What leads a person to believe in God?
  • Influence upbringing
  • Religious experience
  • Problem of evil and catholic responses
  • Design and Causation argument for the existence of God
  • Relationship between Catholicism and science

2a Islam

  • Belief in Allah
  • The person and story of Muhammad
  • Five pillars of Islam
  • Focus on Salah – wudu, rak’ah prayer at home and in mosque
  • Ramadan – purposes and challenges

2b Sex and Relationships

  • The meaning and uses of the word ‘love’
  • Dignity for the person and body image
  • Attitudes towards sex outside marriage, contraception, STIs and pornography
  • The importance of marriage, fidelity and chastity


3a & 3b GCSE

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