All pupils will study Religious Studies at GCSE. We follow AQA specification B which is a two year GCSE course. You will sit two exams in year 11 each worth 50% of your GCSE grade. Each exam will last 1 hour 45 minutes.

For Paper 1 you will study Catholic Christianity.

What is assessed?

Catholic beliefs, teachings, practices, sources of authority and forms of expression in relation to six topics:

  • Creation
  • Incarnation
  • The Triune God
  • Redemption
  • Church
  • Eschatology

For Paper 2 you will study Judaism and two ethical themes.

What is assessed?

The key beliefs of Judaism, the Covenant and the mitzvot, the synagogue and worship, family life and festivals, including bar/bat mitzvah, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Pesach.

Theme A

Religion, Relationships and Family.

You will study relationships with a focus on love and sexuality, marriage, cohabitation, divorce and separation. The roles of men, women and children in the family and the equality of women and men both in religion and society.

You will study all these areas from both a Catholic and contemporary point of view.

Theme B

Religion, Peace and Conflict.

You will study Christian perspectives on human violence, justice, forgiveness and reconciliation. Christian perspectives on societal war and just war theory. The notion of Holy war and pacifism and Christian perspectives on terrorism and Christian initiatives in conflict resolution and peace making.

You will study all these areas from a Christian and contemporary point of view.