What will I study at KS3?

Design and Technology - You will start along the path of becoming an innovator and creative problem solver by experiencing a range of subject specific areas such as:

  • Graphic Products
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM)
  • Textiles
  • Materials Technology
  • Electronics
  • Product Design

You will be encouraged to think about form, function, materials, safety and develop high quality making outcomes using the vast range of tools and equipment that the department has.

Food Preparation and Nutrition - You will learn how to store food correctly, prepare and cook healthy food in a variety of ways and be able to adapt recipes to improve them. Focus will also be put on preparing ingredients, using equipment correctly, developing basic cooking techniques and knife skills. Nutrition, health, food science and food safety are also key areas of interest.

Year 7

At the start of the year you will be introduced to Graphic drawing techniques and presentational skills which lead to a baseline assignment to give you your starting Technology SEA level. Following on from this your Technology teacher will guide you through a programme of study in all the key areas of the subject.

In Food Preparation, you will develop basic cooking skills and nutritional knowledge by making fruit skewers, herb roast vegetables, pitta pizza, producing a balanced sandwich and tomato soup.

In Materials Technology, you will experience a workshop environment and use tools and equipment to make a mobile phone holder.

You will also design and make a child’s glove puppet in Textiles and develop skills of how to work will needles and thread to produce running and cross stiches.

In CAD/CAM, you will use 2D Design, a piece of professional design software to create a concept torch using a design inspiration from the past. Rudimentary Electronic principles will also be covered. 

Towards the end of the year you will take an in-class exam to test your knowledge in all the areas you have encountered.

Year 8

Building on last year’s experiences you will visit four specialist areas within the subject: 

You will create a range of dishes in Food Preparation such as ragu sauce, savoury rice, stir fry and an egg muffin leading to you creating your own healthy snack. Emphasis will be put on your ability to modify a recipe, prepare a balanced diet and the importance of choosing healthier food options.

In Materials Technology, you will use Google Sketchup, another industry standard design programme to help you create an innovative passive amplifier for a smart phone.  It also involves the use of 2D Design, the laser cutter, and workshop machinery as well as utilising a famous design movement from the past to help with creativity.

This year in Textiles you will make a drink bottle bag using the sewing machine. You will be instructed on the application of the Adobe Photoshop software to create logo designs and use the sublimation printer and the heat press to transfer designs onto fabric.

In Product Design, you will be set a rebranding challenge using innovate modelling skills. You will design and make a new range of edible chocolates creations, using vacuum formed moulds and then go onto package them. During this project, you will work as a team to produce creative packaging solutions focusing on imaginative logo and net designs.

Towards the end of the year you will take an in-class exam to test your knowledge in all the areas you have experienced.

Year 9

You will continue to specialise in four distinct areas of the subject:

You will create various recipes in Food Preparation and will develop knowledge of raising agents, caramelisation and gelatinisation. You will bake cloud bread, make chicken fajitas, risotto and create a caramel topped cheesecake.

This year in Materials Technology you will be given the theme of sustainability and produce a product that uses many different workshop processes such as the laser cutter, the pewter caster, tools and machinery to shape, bend, cast and finish materials.

In Fashion and Textiles, you will further develop your sewing machine skills to create a pair of shorts. You will adapt a simple pattern to create a unique design for a teenage market.

In Graphic Communication, you will create a new brand identity for a music festival. You will be required to produce a logo by developing skills on Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and apply it to a range of merchandise. During this project, the key focus will be advancing your sketching, rendering and presentation abilities.

The focus of the projects may vary depending upon current trends and interests.