4 October 2019

Wow! What an experience it was to be able to go and watch Macbeth with my fellow peers.

I feel so lucky that I was one of the pupils who got to go and watch Macbeth at the Royal Exchange in Manchester on Thursday. We were all very excited to see what would happen after Mrs Hollins’s excited presentation in assembly.

It was great to see all of the things we have been learning in English at school come to life. After speaking to fellow peers, it was clear our English lessons were paying off as we spent the whole play making links to different themes and exam points.

The play was so interesting especially as it was a modern take on Shakespearian classic. Having it modernised made it easier to understand having many of the main roles gender reversed really meant we had to focus on what was going on and who was who. Meeting Lucy Ellison (Macbeth) afterwards was amazing, finding out all about the production. It was great to find out so much about the play.

Overall, what an experience it was to see such an amazing play brought to life! I’m sure this will be a trip we will remember and I know it has given us plenty of GCSE inspiration.

By Katie Webster 11A