Our Year 7 guidance evening began with an address from Mrs Alverado the Senior Coordinator for Year 7. This introduction included details of a recent student survey relating to how our new students have settled in. The importance of attendance was also stressed along with the sharing of resources to support our parents.

From the hall, members of SLT and other senior staff presented to small groups of parents. This was a more informal talk about the way we track progress, how we baseline students and the monitoring of behaviour for learning. There were also opportunities for parents to speak with SLT and their child’s form tutors. The feedback from the evening is represented in the graphs below:

The timing of the evening is appropriate

Essential information for parents

Format of the evening

Information was oppropriate

Information pack was appropriate

Other comments included:  

  • Thought it was great as it was. No need for change, many thanks.
  • Great in small groups to be able to ask questions.
  • Maybe in future evenings an appointment system might be worth considering (but I also appreciate that also has drawbacks).