The timing of Year 9 Guidance Evening is intended to support the Y9 options process and to allow for individual discussion time regarding students’ options choices, Y9 Guidance evening follows a very different format to those of other year groups. The evening is the penultimate point of a several week long options process which includes: a whole year group assembly explaining how the options system works, careers lessons, including an ‘Options Fair’, options talks from various GCSE subject teachers, the options booklet, Y9 Guidance Evening and finally Y9 Parents’ Evening. Only after all these events have taken place are students allowed to submit their options choices.

Each set of parents, along with their son/daughter has an opportunity to discuss options choices with a member of the school leadership. The discussions cover all or some of the following ideas:

· Explanation of the school’s coloured pathway options system

· Comments on a student’s current progress according to data available

· Discussion of a pupil’s choice rationale

· A more detailed explanation of the courses available/how GCSE courses are run