We take all aspects of e-safety very seriously at St Edmund Arrowsmith Catholic High School and take great care to protect all students, staff and stakeholders where matters of e-safety may arise. E-safety is about ensuring that learners can access the technologies and resources they need without putting themselves at risk personally or financially. It’s about a learning provider making sure that learners, staff and all their stakeholders know how to keep safe while using technology and resources. E-safety can include topics such as cyber bullying, mobile phone technology, preventing identity theft, privacy, use of social networking sites such as FaceBook and child protection.

St Edmund Arrowsmith Catholic High School has a whole school policy for the use of all electronic devices that all students, staff and stakeholders are expected to adhere to. In addition we have a staff policy for the use of IT that takes in aspects of social networks and the implications of its use on school life. Using the Internet responsibly is also a significant part of many lessons. All school students will look at issues relating to safety when using the Internet in Key Stage 3 ICT lessons, and issues involving cyber-bullying, privacy and safe use of social networks are amongst those covered.

We have a number of systems in place in school that help ensure that students are safe and sensible in their use of electronic devices. Our internet access is filtered and monitored on every device used to gain access to the internet, including computers, tablets and smart phones. Emails are monitored and filtered and students are aware that supervision can take place if misuse is suspected. Several members of staff are recognised CEOP Ambassadors, trained to give advice and help when issues arise.

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