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How to start a meeting on Teams

How to schedule a meeting in Teams

How to join a meeting in Teams

How to record an online meeting

How to share your screen/desktop on Teams

How to make a test call in Teams

Overview of Teams and channels

How to Join a Microsoft Team meeting

How to view an entire class in Teams


How to end a Teams meeting for everyone


How to access your emails

Syncing documents with Onedrive



Copying files to OneDrive via the web

How to access class work through group files

How to install Microsoft Office

How to access the Gateway

How to open Office Online

How to make folders read only

How to access Stream

How to favourite a group

How to sync department group files to OneDrive

How to attached attach group files to an email

How to open a second inbox

How to unfollow a group on your email

How to create a PDF

How to convert a PDF document to Word

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