One thing is clear. Humanity is destroying the planet. But how can fix it? There are many simple things we can do to help save the environment. From just awareness to actively going out to clear three mess, there are so many opportunities to help our world. So we decided to take a look at the main contributing factors of the destruction and the best ways to stop it too. But what are the causes and how can we stop the destruction before it’s too late?

The first problem is the issue of whether or not to use fossil fuels. Mankind have been using the coal, oil and gas, which are being formed over millions of years, for a long time. One of the main issues with the energy source is that we are using them before the new resources can be made. Another problem with these fuels is that they are highly contributing to global warming and pollution due to the smoke and gases they produce (such as methane and carbon dioxide).We can prevent this by switching our main energy source to a renewable one, such as wind or hydroelectric power. This can help save the planet because they do not produce fumes of any kind and, much unlike the fossil fuels, they are renewable, which means that they will not run out.

Another cause of the planet’s destruction is litter. People nowadays seem to have more important things to do than walk another 2 minutes up the street to put an empty crisp packet in the bin. We all do it. But so what if you have somewhere to be? Surely you can spare a minute of your life to save the planet you spend that life on. People might tell you it’s not a problem when you drop litter occasionally, but it really is. A lot of the time, it’s just laziness that stops people. However, we can help by not just doing one huge thing, but doing a ;lot of small things too, like going out into your street and picking up the rubbish there or even getting a group together and organising a big litter pick-up. There are probably people right now organising to do things like this to help save the earth. So why can’t you?

There are many ways we can help save our planet. Even the smallest of things can make quite a big difference to how fast the planet can be saved. Doing things like using biodegradable containers because, although they are slightly more expensive, they decompose, causing much less damage than objects like plastic bags, which can kill marine life or switch our main energy source to a renewable one. Some people have started to wrap gifts in fabric and ribbon because both of them are reusable and other people with a car are driving much slower to use less fuel (50MPH uses 25% less fuel than 75MPH). Other solutions people have used include include: buying their own beehives, washing other people’s clothes along with their own to save water, turning down central heating and wearing jumpers instead, as well as many other things.

 By Urszula, Jessica, Isabel, Trinity and Megan.

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