On Wednesday 8th May, Year 11 pupils, teachers, congregation, and friends and family alike, gathered at St Oswald’s Church for the annual Leavers’ Mass, this year celebrating St Edmund Arrowsmith’s Class of 2019. The mass ran incredibly smoothly, thanks to Maria’s impeccable planning, and help from student volunteers.  Father John provided us with a fitting send off, which served to remind all of us the role that God has played in our St Edmund Arrowsmith journey. 

It’s hard to believe that we are almost at the end of our fifth and final year at high school. The atmosphere was bittersweet in church; excited for the future, but also nostalgic and reminiscent of the past few years. As a Catholic school, it was important to celebrate the next step in the Year 11s’ lives with a special mass, allowing us to peacefully reflect and pray, whilst also valuing our fundamental Christian beliefs and traditions. 

The mass was a lovely occasion to experience with my classmates, and has surely spurred us on during these last few weeks of hard work and exams to do our best and make ourselves, our teachers, and our family proud. Although emotions are running high at such a stressful time, it is calming to know that He is with us throughout, and His support can be felt throughout the school community at any given moment. The best of luck to all the Year 11s in their upcoming exams! 

by Kiera Quinn, Head Girl