To ensure parents and pupils are fully supported in the current climate, please be aware of the following pathways of support.

General technical support

  • General support with technical issues (Teams, laptops etc) - support videos available on the school website or email

Individual live lesson support

All live lessons should be scheduled on pupils’ individual Teams calendar. If an individual lesson is not on the calendar, please do one of the following:

  • Email the relevant subject teacher. 
  • Inform the relevant form tutor of the issue in registration. 
  • Make contact with the relevant Senior Learning Co-ordinator so that they can resolve the issue. 

Pupil absence from live lessons

  • If a pupil is not able to attend live lessons, please let school know by emailing

Emotional Support

This support can come from many areas of school. It might be from the form tutor or the Senior Learning Co-ordinator. However, there is also the option of speaking with Mrs DentonMrs Daviesor Mr Webster.

Please use the appropriate email addresses to make contact.

Please remember, there is always help available.


Relevant member of staff/department

Email address

IT technicians

General enquiries

Senior Learning Co-ordinator Y7 Mrs Doolan

Senior Learning Co-ordinator Y8 Mrs Outterside

Senior Learning Co-ordinator Y9 Miss Westwell

Senior Learning Co-ordinator Y10 Mr Reardon

Senior Learning Co-ordinator Y11 Mr Halliwell

Mrs Denton

Mrs Davies

Mr Webster


Form tutor