A Year 8 Pupil has written his first children's novel and it is available to buy on Amazon.  William's success is no surprise to his English teacher, Mrs Payne, who says that William is a keen reader with impressive writing skills.  She has downloaded a copy of William's story to her kindle and has been gripped by the opening chapters.


William has already received five-star reviews for "Oliver Hardword - The Curse Arises" which tells the tale of an average 14 year old boy whose ordinary life at number 34 Cornfield Avenue is turned upside down by a grand journey.


Inspiration for the story came from having stories read to him as a child. William says, “I have always been privileged as a child to have stories read to me at night by my family. Even after a tiring day at work, my dad never failed to deliver another thrilling adventure story to the six-year-old me in bed. As a result of this, I was inspired to write a short collection of stories entitled ‘Felix the Spaceman’ {yet to be published} for primary age children and then I decided to write a story for older children, hence ‘Oliver Hardwood - the Curse Arises’.


After writing the introductory chapters, I hit a mental barrier. I had run out of ideas! But, one visit to my grandma's sparked my imagination was once again! I was playing a world conquering board game, battling the Black Army.  My imagination took hold of me. I visualized the Black Army in the world of my story and from there let my imagination spiral out of control and from the depths grew the dominating creation of the Black Baron.”


Not a young man to rest on his laurels, William already has plans for Oliver Hardwood’s next spine-tingling adventure.  The curse has not gone away. William explains his plans for Oliver, but there are no spoilers! You’ll need to read the stories to find out what happens. 

 “I am considering lots of different plots and I'm excited to present the next chapter of Oliver's life, which will take him to undiscovered worlds. I am hoping Oliver's adventures will have my readers gripped.”


Meanwhile copies of “Oliver Hardwood – The Curse Arises” have been ordered for the school library  - maybe William will autograph it for us once school is back to normal - and I'm sure that soon it will be found on the bookshelves around the country.


Buy your copy - Click here


Mrs L Payne 

Head of English