On the morning of 29th June, in form, we watched a video informing us all about the Feast of St. Peter and Paul. Throughout the video, it enlightened us on who both St. Peter and St. Paul were. We learned about what made each of them a significant figure in the Catholic Church and it was interesting learning about some ordinary people from that time who went on to do great things.

We learned that St. Peter was a fisherman and that Jesus wanted him to be one of his first disciples, we also learned that Paul (Previously called Saul) was on his way to Damascus to torture Christians when Jesus confronted him and converted him to Christianity from Judaism. The video filled our form time and was a video that we, in my form were all interested by.

Once the bell went for each Year group, is was time for us to go onto the school field. My form walked up the field and walked past the lined-up Year 7’s and positioned ourselves in lines in a corner of the field. We saw the other year groups make their way to their designated corner of the field (Year 9 and 10) and once all the year groups had arrived, Maria made an announcement to all of us to start the pilgrimage. 

This started with Mr. Morgan (Our head of year) reading out the first page of the booklet. I understood the readings and was interested to read about St. Peter and Paul. Afterwards, Maria gave us a message to walk clockwise around the field to the next reading station, we went on to repeat this four times and at each station different member of staff did a reading. 

Once the readings had been finished, Maria called us into the center of field and all year groups positioned themselves at their designated areas. There, Mr. Cullen and Mr. Dumican, followed by Maria, gave speeches and words on the celebration of St. Peter and Paul. Maria and some Year 10’s also took part in bidding prayers. 

This occasion was a time I have been looking forward to in St. Edmund Arrowsmith ever since my transition from primary into Year 7, as we have never had the opportunity to gather as a whole school yet at my time at secondary school. I hope Covid-19 will not impact the St. Edmund Arrowsmith community for much longer and that we can gather as a school more often in the covid free future. 

By William S 8M