A second Year 8 pupil publishes her debut novel on Amazon – It’s well worth taking a ‘Chance’ and having a read.


Hannah explains how she approached writing her novel:


Writing the book took me around 4 months and it was time-consuming to say the least. I wanted to write a book because I’ve been kind of interested in writing since I was little so I thought it would be a good idea to get a book published. What inspired me to write the book was thinking of a character who had a rough life but then made it better for herself, going on adventures along the way. The title was inspired by the moral of the story, which is explained at the end of the book. The cover also links to the ending. I started with the idea of a teenage girl having a hard time at home and then it just led into her starting a new school and making new friends. Once I had gotten the story going it was pretty easy to continue the next chapter but planning each chapter one by one took quite a while. After a lot of time spent editing, I managed to upload my file to Amazon and publish it. I did it on my phone in my room all by myself and I would encourage others to try and do it because it’s really not that difficult if you have a lot of time on your hands and a good plot for your book.


Hannah’s teachers are impressed by her achievements


Mrs Payne, Hannah’s English teacher, says that she is not surprised by Hannah’s novel.  ‘Hannah has excellent writing skills and a vivid imagination.  I am sure that this will be the first of many novels that she writes.’  Readers of her novel will also not be surprised when the next novel is published.  Hannah clearly labels ‘Chance’ as Book 1 and there are plans for it to be the first in a trilogy, so watch this space!


Mr Dumican also ‘loved the book’ and says ‘the way Hannah has managed to write such a complex story, with strong characters and at the same time make it about a life journey, complex social issues, and a crime story all in one, is simply amazing.  There are lots of threads to the story which keeps you interested all the way to the end of the book.  I think Hannah has done extremely well to write such a brilliant book at only 13.  We are very proud of her!' 


The story contains a complex, ambitious plot


Hannah weaves a series of stories within a story, deals with some grown up themes and manages to keep the pages turning.  If you would like to order this book and support Hannah – Click here