What is your school email address?

Each pupils email address starts with their username e.g. jsmith19 (the number is the year they joined the school), this is then followed by @arrowsmith.wigan.sch.uk. If you are having any password issues please contact support@arrowsmith.wigan.sch.uk.

Primary Schools

Each pupils email address is their username followed their school -






Essentials to Remember

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Download Microsoft Teams - Click here

How to use Microsoft Teams - Click here


If you are experiencing IT related problems please watch these how-to videos before contacting IT support. We will update the video list with guides on how to fix the most frequently encountered problems.

Our email is - support@arrowsmith.wigan.sch.uk

How to access your emails

How to access the Gateway

How to do my homework

Syncing documents with Onedrive



Copying files to OneDrive via the web

How to access class work through group files

How to access Stream

How to access class work through group files

How to install Microsoft Office

How to join a live lesson