I've learned that February used to be called 'Cabbage month' … perhaps the medieval English were eating a lot of cabbages during February?  Another more popular name was Solmonath, which literally means 'mud month' which judging by the amount of rain we have had recently, very apt! 


February is also the shortest month in the calendar and even shorter for schools as the half-term break is rapidly approaching.  I am sure that our pupils and parents/carers will be looking forward to enjoying the short break from virtual learning.  Although there isn't much choice of alternative things to do at the moment, I'm sure that a bike ride or a long walk will recharge the batteries.  It's amazing how being outdoors has become so popular – let's hope that this is one habit that continues long after the pandemic has gone. 


I love walking to restore my mental wellbeing and at the moment I am attempting to walk 1000 miles in 12 months, which is just 2.74 miles a day.  It can be challenging when there's snow, ice and rain outside, but once I'm out I feel completely refreshed and then when on the home stretch, I feel invigorated that I've done it!  If you are interested in trying this yourself, the website is https://www.walk1000miles.co.uk/new-index


Another great way of passing the time is by reading and I am so proud of Y8 pupil, William Smith who has written and had his first novel published on Amazon!  The title of the book is "Oliver Hardwood – The Curse Arises" and I would recommend that you download a copy over half-term and enjoy a gripping read!


I have received so many emails praising the high standard of teaching that is being provided by my colleagues and I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate everyone involved.  I have been so impressed with the whole process of creating a way of learning that we would never have thought possible this time last year.


The pandemic has brought so many challenges to us all and I am so grateful that our St Edmund Arrowsmith family has worked together to find solutions.  Now that the vaccine has brought hope, perhaps we can reflect on the words of Captain Sir Tom Moore  "We will get through it in the end but it might take time, but at the end of the day we shall all be OK again… the sun will shine on you again and the clouds will go away."