Today, the Year 6 pupils from the local primary schools came to St Edmund Arrowsmith to get involved with the UKMT maths challenge. Sixteen pairs of Year 6 pupils were completing a range of maths challenges with the help of Year 7 pupils, plus Years 9 and 10 maths mentors. Their work was marked by Year 9 and 10 pupils and their scores were input into the computer so that the top school could be calculated at the end.

The scores were extremely close between all the schools throughout the day, but the winning school at the end was English Martyrs. Although there had to be a winner, all pupils were very enthusiastic and everyone did incredibly well. The event showed how useful maths is and how fun it can be!

The Year 6’s had a lovely day and I think that this was a great opportunity for them to come and see what the maths department and work is like at St Edmund Arrowsmith. Congratulations to the Year 6 pupils, the Eddie’s staff and all the students who helped out.

by Lily Kennedy, 9G